How to Get Organized and Cut Clutter Easily in Kids’ Rooms

A kid’s room is generally overflowing with clothes, toys, books and a variety of paraphernalia. Getting it all organized and under control may seem impossible but if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to organize your kids’ rooms in next to no time. Here are some simple organizing solutions to help you cut clutter in a child’s room.

Focus on Your Child When Organizing a Kid’s Room

The first thing to keep in mind is that simply tidying up the room for your child will not do him any favours. Instead, think of getting organized from a kid’s perspective, act as an organizing coach for him and offer suggestions on why and how both of you can make, sorting, storing and decluttering work. When your child will be involved in the decision-making process, there are greater chances of him sticking to the system you finally arrive at.

Sort and Organize Kiddie Clutter

Begin by sorting out items that are no longer in use – outgrown or out-of-season clothing, books, toys, playthings and other items that cause closets and drawers to overflow. Take two big boxes, labelled ‘Trash’ and ‘Store’, and spend a few hours sorting items into them. Store clothes and playthings that are either out-of-season or age-inappropriate.

Clothes are often the biggest culprit when it comes to cluttering up rooms so start there. Keep only frequently used and in-season clothing in the closet. The rest can either be given away or stored for future use. Also, limit the number of clothes that your child has. Does he really need 7 different pairs of jeans? Think about this even when you head out to buy new clothes or other kiddie must-haves.

Get Organized with Smart Storage Solutions

Toy storage and organization can help you curb clutter easily and effectively. Lidded boxes, shelves at your child’s height level, toy chests and closets are all great for keeping the Barbies, trucks, Lego pieces and action figures organized and sorted. Use storage solutions that are child-friendly and can adapt to his growing needs.

My best buy yet was a divan bed for my daughter’s room which has storage under it. I bought her a small double size which of course she doesn’t really need at her age, but I really appreciate the extra storage. See more like it here.

More Tips to Get Organized with Kids

There are several more easy organization tips to help you get organized with a child. Here are some of them:

Use labels. Words or pictures that can help him identify what goes where will make future cleanups easy and quick.
Choose children’s furniture that offers some form of storage. A nightstand with shelves under it or a bed with a built-in storage box help to make storing stuff easy.

Have a monthly or fortnightly cleaning and organizing schedule for your child’s room.

Buy less. Or follow the rule of giving away one thing for everything that is bought. So, a new truck means an old toy needs to go. This will not only keep clutter under control but will also encourage children to learn how to give and buy only when necessary.

A child-friendly room doesn’t have to be crowded and untidy and an organized room doesn’t have to be spare, boring and bare. Simple and practical organizing tips, such as these, will help you get clutter under control and stay organized with kids at home.