Eyebrow Tattooing – What Are The Risks?

An eyebrow tattoo does involve a healing process and like most things that need to heal, it must be looked after. Choosing an eyebrow tattooing clinic with a solid reputation and experienced technicians certainly reduces the risk of things going wrong. As with any tattoo, if you have someone inexperienced and/or without excellent work ethics you are taking a risk. Not only with regards to it not looking as expected but with regards to infection as well. Today it seems that every celebrity and even the cat’s aunty is having their eyebrows tattooed! If you are considering this popular cosmetic procedure, it’s a good idea to think about the risks involved before going ahead. Here’s some of the primary risks to look out for.

Not the Look you were Hoping For

Eyebrow tattooing is an art form. If the result is disappointing and you are unhappy with the look, correcting it can be a difficult process. To avoid this, make sure the tattooing clinic is willing to discuss thoroughly exactly what look you wish to achieve: Not just be the colour but also the shape of the brow and how they are positioned on the face. Do not be rushed into anything. Take your time and do not proceed until you are 100% sure.


An eyebrow tattoo is as prone to infection as is any other small cut. Therefore, hygiene is extremely important. It might be tempting to touch them but during that first seven days it is extremely important to leave well alone. The clinic will advise you exactly how to take care of your new eyebrow tattoos to avoid infection during the healing process. Follow their guidelines and all should be well.

Adverse Reactions

A professional permanent makeup artist will usually carry out a patch test to ensure you will not have any allergic reactions to the pigment. Even so, sometimes excess swelling or other reactions such as blistering can occur. If you start to feel feverish this might also be an indication you are having an allergic reaction to the treatment.


If you follow the technician’s instructions your eyebrows should not be subject to scarring. After the first two weeks you will probably notice that the skin is slightly milky looking (like a film). This is perfectly normal. Things to watch for are overgrowths of scar tissue and granulomas, which are minute bumps which can form underneath the skin around the actual pigment.

Healing Problems

On average it takes four to six weeks for an eye tattoo to heal. Not everyone heals at the same rate and age has a lot to do with how long it takes. Watch out for strange pigment changes and while everyone is different, if you really feel they are not healing properly double check with the tattooing clinic that did them. Better to be safe than sorry!

If you do have any of these symptoms call the clinic in the first instance. They will be able to advise you if there is a real problem and exactly how to deal with it.