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Family African Safari Holiday

My sister and her husband recently returned from a second honeymoon. Unfortunately, the first one (a trip to the Caribbean, no less) was a bit of a washout because it rained every day until the day they were due to leave and there was brilliant sinchine.

This time they decided not to take any chances and booked a more action-packed holiday – a trip to Africa where they went on safari. Here is a short video she sent me – you can see more of here safari videos here.


Hey guys! We are finally back from our trip to buy beds and starting to get back to our normal routine! I plan on posting more about our trip + our weekend later this week but today I wanted to post about how excited I am to be starting another round of the 21 Day Fix today! I know I posted about how I was starting again about two weeks ago … well … we went on our trip and I decided I’d just wait until I got back to really get started. So today is the day!

I plan on using my blog & IG to post about my 21 days to keep myself accountable. I am also hosting a challenge group with my team that starts today that is going to be so much fun! We will be sharing recipes, grocery lists, and LOTS of motivation.

If any of my readers have the 21 Day Fix already and want to join my challenge group please let me know and I can get you added. It’s going to be fun + there are lots of prizes! My very first round of the 21 Day Fix I had a lot of results so I know I can get those same results & more this round. These were my results from my first round.


So Gary & I are last minute people. We make plans & decided to go on a trip to Ibiza, which is why there hasn’t been a post on here in the past couple of days! Gary had to go to a work conference in New Hampshire but had to stop in NY first. My family lives right outside of NY so Gary dropped us off on his way! So we’ve been hanging out with my family this week, and we went online looking at a site that has some great faux leather beds on sale now. I usually do my posts the same day so I haven’t had time to post anything this week. I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow but until then I won’t be posting until next week! Hope you all are having a great week!


I am currently doing another round of the 21 Day Fix which not only focuses on 30 minute daily work outs but also portion control and eating clean. Eating clean is a lifestyle change but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious CLEAN treats! Most days in between meals I start to crave sweets and these apple cookies are delicious and fill me up. They are so easy to make that I usually just let Sophia make them after I cut the apple. I make mine with almond butter & dark chocolate chips but if you aren’t a fan of these you can add peanuts, coconut or even chocolate covered raisins (all of these 21 Day Fix approved).


  • 2-3 apples
  • almond butter
  • dark chocolate chips


001. thinly slice apples – i cut mine into chips by cutting apple in half, cutting core out & then slicing into round chips.
002. spread almond butter butter onto apple chips.
003. add chocolate chips (or whatever topping you’d like)
004. ENJOY!