7 Glamorous Home Remedy Tips – Grow Lush Eyelashes!

Your eyelashes are one of the prettiest, feminine parts of your face, outlining and framing your eyes. Many women in each and every age group experience brittle or even shedding eyelashes. This can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable for these ladies. Many of these women turn to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions and heavy coats of mascara to masque the underlying problem. However, using some of the crafty beauty tools can actually increase the brittleness of your lashes and promote even worse condition.

Below are 7 simple and natural methods you can employ using ingredients you likely already have available in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet to support eyelash growth and strength.

  1. Aloe Vera – This wonder plant can be used for a wide variety of beauty and homeopathic reasons. Aloe vera assists in providing vital nourishment to your eyelashes and supports them in growth to pretty, feminine lengths. To utilize this remedy, simply brush on aloe vera gel either directly from an aloe vera plant leaf, which can be purchased very cheaply, or from a tube or container of aloe vera gel, which can be purchased at any apothecary or drug store, directly to your lashes prior to going to bed for the night, using a clean eyelash brush in the same manner you might apply mascara. You can purchase an eyelash brush very cheaply at virtually any drugstore. Aloe Vera is packed with healthy amino and fatty acids that will work hard to get your eyelashes growing in a healthy, stronger pattern.
  2. Eyelash Brushing – When you brush your eyelashes, not only are you cleaning them of dead skin tissue and debris, but you are stimulating blood to circulate to the area, which will promote lash growth. You can utilize your eyelash brush which you may or may not use to apply aloe vera gel to your lashes and simply brush your lashes when you feel they need it to facilitate longer, thicker eyelash growth.
  3. Eyelid Massage – This method will also promote longer, more fortified eyelashes. Gentle massage will stimulate lash hair follicles to grow. If you massage your lids with regularity, a real difference will be made apparent in your lashes quite rapidly. The key to eyelid massage is gentle massage. If you are not gentle, you can cause damage to your existing eyelashes.
  4. Green Tea – This wonderful tea filled with beneficial antioxidants can be used on your lashes to promote not only the growth of your brittle lashes, but it can promote new eyelash growth, too. To safely apply green tea to your lids, brew some green tea and let it safely cool to a temperature suitable to be applied to your lids. Simply use a cotton ball or pad to brush the cooled tea over your lashes. Caffeine and flavonoids within your green tea mixture will assist with growth of thicker, stronger existing lashes and promote the growth of new lashes.
  5. Organic Castor Oil – This miracle oil found in most medicine cabinets can help eyelashes to grow thicker and stronger as well as facilitate faster growth. To avoid getting this homeopathic beauty cure into your eyes, apply the oil to your lashes with a brush before you get into bed for the night. Sleep with it applied to your lashes. It will provide much needed moisturize to your brittle lashes and promote natural eyelash growth. Castor oil is also excellent for promoting eyebrow growth and moisturizing and softening lips. If you have any left over on your fingertips, apply it to your brows and lips.
  6. Remove Make-up Before Bed – The more time you give your lashes on a make-up reprieve, the more of a chance they will have to spend time growing and recovering from the stresses of the day. Be sure to always completely remove all eye makeup before you go to bed for the night to offer your lashes a real chance to breathe and get regenerative rest for the night. If you are able, try not wearing eye make-up when you are home alone and nobody else will see you.
  7. Vitamin E – This vitamin is a great way to not only treat a dry or blemished complexion, but to facilitate longer, thicker eyelash growth. Simply break open a vitamin E capsule or two or invest in some vitamin E oil, which can be cheaply purchased at most drug and homeopathic apothecaries and use your eyelash brush to apply vitamin E to your eyelashes to provide some extra support with nourishment of your lashes, promoting lush growth.