Friday, February 21, 2014


Someone shared this on Facebook & it is too amazing not to share here. If you haven't seen it watch it now! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last week I shared pictures of our dog Rico for the first time on my Instagram & figured I'd share him on here too. This dog is insane and I've wanted to get rid of him so many times BUT deep down I really do love him so he hasn't went anywhere.

Rico is about 7 years old. I got him from an ex boyfriend in high school. My parents told me I wasn't allowed to have a pet but I'm pretty sure I told my boyfriend at the time to go ahead and get it. I tried to bring Rico home but wasn't allowed so my boyfriend at the time kept him. Well, a couple of months later my parents changed their minds and let me bring Rico to my home. The boyfriend who gave me Rico and I ended up breaking up and Rico's been mine since then.

Having a dog and a toddler is a lot of work. Sophia never paid much attention to him until recently. She wants him beside her at all times. She puts stickers on him and ties ribbons on his collar and pull him around the house. She giggles so much after getting "kisses" from him. She puts make up on and hugs him so hard that I know he's not breathing. And he just puts up with it. Sometimes I'll hear him literally screaming as she sits on him or holds him down so I'll have to make her stop but other than that he just goes along with everything she does. It's funny because Gary will call Sophia Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

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Anyone who puts up with Sophia's torturing .. is staying. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This little girl. 

She doesn't want to take naps anymore and is obsessed with wearing make up. And by wearing I mean paint all over her face and then get some on the carpet. The make up amazes me bc I hardly wear any so I don't know why she loves it so much. She takes forever to get ready bc she wants to dress herself. You have to tell her multiple times to do something OR not to do something. She tortures our dog Rico. She won't pose for pictures anymore like she used to and she's a mess maker.

All of it drives me a little crazy & I'm so exhausted from it all.

But ...

She tells me she loves multiple times a day. She loves all the same songs I do and sings along to them. She cuddles with me. She puts make up on and tells me I'm beautiful after. She reaches up to my hold my hand without me asking. She tells me she's going to grow big like me one day and can be so smart it scares me.

She can drive me so crazy but make me so happy all at once. I can feel so tired and just want to scream but then she does something sweet and it takes it all away. I always say I need a break but I couldn't imagine what I would do during the day without having to tell someone no, clean up all day long or wipe all the make up that has been painted on my face.

Motherhood is something else. But I love it and I love this little girl. 

This post is so random. But I've had one of those days where I just want to give up and throw in the mommy towel. I don't know if it's bc it's about to be that time of month (TMI?) BUT I have been so irritable today and Sophia has been nonstop.

When I'm having these days I try to breathe and remind myself of one of my favorite quotes. 

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Is it just me but is the age of three so much harder than the age of two?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


One of my friends started Whole 30 & has been posting her meals on Instagram AND now I want to do it. All her meals look so delicious and she swears she feels SO much better. She said she has a lot of energy & that is one thing I need more of. 

I started pinning lots of different meals on Pinterest. I think I can do it but I know it's going to be very hard not to eat dairy & bread. 

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I am planning on starting it next week. That'll give me plenty of time this week to plan out some meals and read more into it. I have read where women have lost weight & even toned up just by eating whole, without working out! I am still trying to work out as much as I can to get toned up by summer so maybe doing both will get me to my goal.

I also started another round of A Little Too Fluffy! I really enjoyed doing the first one (even though I slacked off at the end) BUT my friend Megan and I are going to do it together this time and I am not going to stop. 

Have you tried Whole 30? If so, what were your favorite meals? I'm looking for meals that are very easy bc of my work schedule.